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Sawtooth Raptor
Sanctuary Inc.

Sawtooth Raptor Sanctuary envisions a world where no birds of prey needlessly dies when it could be prevented. We dream of a planet in which these majestic animals forever have a place soaring on high and helping to maintain a healthy, diverse ecosystem.  Nestled not far from Idaho's famous Sawtooth National Forest in Star, Idaho, we help birds of prey throughout the region recover from injuries that would otherwise prove fatal without treatment.  We also do conservation education for schools, Boise Veterans Home, Boy Scouts, Idaho Youth Ranch and many others!

Great Grey Owl - Photo by Rick Taylor - Ada County Idaho

Your donation is fully tax deductable!*

We are an IRS approved "501(c)(3)" Idaho nonprofit organization and has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.  The need is great.  In order to best help these majestic birds, we have a few items we are specifically looking for the items below.  You donation of equipment is fully tax deductible.  Please email us to arrange a donation at

1) X-Ray Machine  - DONATION RECIEVED!  By Obtainium Science LLC -
2) Digital X-Ray Machine Digitizer (DR or CR) - this would be sourced from from a dentist or chiropractors office
2) Stainless Steel examination table
3) Rats and Quail from  We need rats, quail and mice.  You can donate a gift certificate or buy food and have it delived to us by selecting our nonprofit at checkout.

* please consult your tax accountant for details on your specific situation. 

Email us at: 

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