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About Us

Our Staff

Troy D. Taylor moved to Idaho in 1991 and has been here ever since!  He received his MS Environmental Science from University of Idaho in 2018 with an emphasis in Wildlife Management and specialized in raptors.  Additionally, he holds an Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Boise State University which he received in 2004.  Troy serves as the President and Director of Conservation and Education at SRSI.

Carrie Taylor is a native Idahoan born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho and has lived in the Treasure Valley since 1999. has been working with raptors and corvids for many years.  She brings a wealth of animal husbandry to SRSI!  With decades of experience working with large animals, Carrie's ability to connect, care and work with raptors is a valuable asset. Addtionally, Carrie is a master horticulturist and enjoys gardening. Carrie serves as Director of Rehabilitation.

Skeeter Meyers is a life long Treasure Valley resident.  Skeeter reached out to SRSI because of a life long adoration of birds and critters big and small. She is excited to assist SRSI's mission helping raptors both large and small through rehabilitation and education, and conservation of raptor habitat in the wild areas in Idaho. Skeeter taught fiddle for over twenty years, chairing the 501c3 Idaho Open Fiddle contest for 6 years.  Skeeter also ran a non-profit food bank for several years.  Needless to say, her experience in fundraising will be invaluable here at Sawtooth Raptor Sanctuary! Skeeter serves as the Director of Fundraising.

Our Facilities

We have been busy at work on our flight rehabilitation chambers. You can see some of our progress in the pictures below. To date we have built 6 chambers which are 12'x24'.  We are hard at work on additional chambers. Best of all, we are preparing a 60'x120' flight chamber for eagles. It will be the first of several that will be approved for rehablitating golden eagles and bald eagles.

Thank you to the volunteers and workers who have made this happen! We wouldn't have gotten this far without your kindness and goodwill!

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor or volunteering?

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